Death notice – I regretfully inform you that Mr. Christian Paul Carrière, the executive director of Interligne, passed away on March 11, 2015

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On behalf of the employees, the volunteers and the board of directors of Interligne, I regretfully inform you that Mr. Christian Paul Carrière, the executive director of the organization, passed away on March 11, 2015.

Christian Paul joined Interligne after a career in the field of education – first as a teacher, then as a school principal. The first day we met, he was quick to express his desire to dedicate himself to a cause which he held dear. We are happy that he chose Interligne and we feel privileged to have shared the last two years with him. His time at Interligne was too short but his level of devotion and his vision still guide us in our pursuit down the path Christian Paul laid while at the helm of our organization.

Touched by the calls that came through at our helpline, he was deeply concerned with helping to ease the distress of others. Those who have had the pleasure to meet him will keep the memory of a person who was above all very humane but also understanding, full of smiles and attentive to the needs of others. Constantly concerned with the well-being of the employees and the volunteers at Interligne, Christian Paul demonstrated an innate generosity with his time and preferred a participatory management style in which he was receptive to everyone’s contribution.

As well with the administrative staff as with the employees and the volunteers, employees and members of the board of directors, Christian Paul continuously offered a warm welcome at monthly assemblies and ensured sufficient time and space for humor in every one of his interactions. In the words of Michel, his partner, Christian Paul “spread a happiness and a zest for life that characterizes the happiest of people.”

Through his high level of energy, strict sense of equity, team spirit and an unrivaled work ethic, Christian Paul contributed greatly to Interligne. Under his direction, Interligne was able to establish an equal ratio of men to women taking calls on the helpline and fine-tuned the quality of our in-service training in order to better equip the listeners and enhance the service provided to the population. As well, a campaign targeting schools – an environment in which he worked for many years and for which he cared very much – was delivered in the schools of the Greater Montreal area. Also under his direction, Interligne modernized its listener-and-employee-dependent technology and the organization’s web site, in addition to introducing Interligne’s newsletter and LGBT Resource Guide. Setting into motion the process of strategic planning at Interligne, Christian Paul, before his passing, ensured the achievement of many objectives that our organization had set for itself.

Such achievements include the creation of a new slogan and a signature that has proven to be more inclusive. As well, the development of a campaign focused on promoting our bilingual services broadened the scope of Interligne’s services to span Canada-wide.

Given the circumstances surrounding Christian Paul’s passing, our homecoming event and the launch of our campaign scheduled for the 23rd of March have been postponed to a yet undetermined date. It is with great honor that we intend to launch the campaign – one at which Christian Paul worked proudly and assiduously.

The passing of Christian Paul has struck us with a great deal of grief and our thoughts go out to his partner, family and friends in such a trying time. We are aware that many of you knew Christian Paul; therefore, we invite you to call our helpline where you can speak to someone you trust and who will listen free of any judgment, as usual. We also invite you take a look at the photographs on our web site of Christian Paul and his time at Interligne.

Thank you, Christian-Paul, and may you rest in peace.

Robert Asselin
President of Interligne

N.B. Out of respect for Christian-Paul’s wishes, there has been no wake or other official celebration. An informal and intimate meeting was held on March 22 where feelings were shared as well as other precious moments spent with Christian-Paul. Those who wish to send their sympathies can do so by email to
Interligne’s newsletter will resume the week of April 20, 2015.