Do you have questions concerning sexual orientation or gender identity? – Interligne’s new communication campaign launch

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Montréal, April 23, 2015 – Gai Ecoute releases today its information card and very first advertisement for its new bilingual communication campaign.

The listening line and information center is launching a campaign aimed at raising awareness about its bilingual services in those concerned about matters relating to sexual and gender diversity. The first ad targets those who are questioning themselves and wish to confide in someone who is absent of any judgement: “Have questions about your sexual orientation?”

The other ads, which will be unveiled at various moments over the next two years, follow the same spirit and will target the variety of users of our service. “One does not have to be gay, a lesbian, bisexual or transgender to call Interligne,” explains Robert Asselin, president of Interligne. “Our listeners also respond to calls from parents, friends, professionals and anyone else who desires information about sexual orientation and gender identity.”

In addition to the listening line, Interligne offers a private chat and email service, as well as a collection of frequently asked questions, and a registry that allows people to declare homophobic acts to which they were a victim or a witness. All of the services are free, anonymous and confidential.

Interligne is also using the campaign as an opportunity to unveil its new slogan: Here, for you, as well as a new signature that is more inclusive of the entire lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and their allies: For people concerned about sexual orientation and gender diversity.

Interligne calls on healthcare institutions, educational institutions, union organisations, businesses and community organisations to participate in this campaign by ordering the promotional material and displaying them in their respective environments.

Interligne proposes partnerships with other organisations that wish to join in a wider distribution of the advertisement material in newspapers and public transportation vehicles, as well as on television and Internet.

This campaign marks the celebration of Interligne’s 35th Anniversary. This celebration will close in March 2016 with a fundraising event geared to implementing a 24-hour listening line.

Promotional material:




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Source: Interligne: (514) 866-6788

Information: Maryse Bézaire, Communications Director
(514) 866-6788, extension 29 / (438) 862-2718