Press release – Gai Écoute becomes Interligne

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Montreal, June 19, 2017 – After more than 30 years of involvement and service to the people of LGBTQ+ communities and their families, Gai Écoute turns a page in its history and becomes Interligne.

Each year, we answer calls from more than 16,000 people from diverse backgrounds. Thus, the need for a name change – one that welcomes everyone – has become obvious.

“Since our inception in 1980, we have been listening and supporting people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. In recent years, we have felt that the name Gai Écoute was out of step with our reality. We then began a long process of studying our own brand identity and how best to convey this openness,” explains Pascal Vaillancourt, executive director of Interligne. “Above all, the goal is to reach everyone so that no one is isolated,” says Robert Asselin, president of Interligne.

The name Interligne is primarily symbolic. “Currently, many prejudices and social norms do not leave room for the expression of sexual and gender diversity. The name Interligne reminds us that it is not always easy to find a place in society when we do not follow the established pattern,” says Lionel Kalfa, partner at Magma, the communication agency responsible for the rebranding project and its implementation. “It is also within this symbolic space that we find a rich diversity, reciprocity, support and openness to others,” he adds.

This new image will be accompanied by initiatives to improve outreach efforts to youth, women, various LGBTQ+ communities and their loved ones, as well as all those interested in learning more about sexual and gender diversity.

About Interligne

Interligne is a first response centre that provides help and information to those concerned with sexual orientation and gender diversity. Because our services are accessible 24 hours/day, we are able to offer support to the LGBTQ+ communities, their friends and family and to service providers in the health, education and social service sectors. With our awareness activities, we aim to achieve equality and acceptance with respect to LGBTQ+ realities. For more information, visit



Maryse Bézaire – Director of Communications
514 866-6788 ext 129 or 514 738-7322
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