Press release – Alix : The new service for LGBTQ+ victims of violence, from Interligne

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Alix : The new service for LGBTQ+ victims of violence, from Interligne


Montreal, June 21st, 2019 – On Thursday, June 20, Interligne launched its brand new program: Alix – Review, Support, Action. This service, for LGBTQ+ victims of violence, has been brought to life with the support of the Ministry of Justice and is now accessible to all LGBTQ+ individuals.

What is Alix?

Alix is ​​a program available through a web platform that aims to portray the violence experienced by LGBTQ + communities. Since its foundation, Interligne (formerly Gai Écoute) has witnessed the many forms of violence present in our communities – whether physical, psychological, sexual, conjugal, institutional or other. It is in the spirit of giving victims a voice that Alix intends to identify situations of violence, support victims and carry out actions to initiate social change in our perceptions and ways of intervening with LGBTQ+ victims of violence.


By using this safe platform, all people concerned are now free to declare any instance of violence anonymously. The data collected by the declarations will be visible on an interactive map, which is intended to track the violence experienced throughout each city in Quebec. An annual report will then be published, including an in-depth statistical analysis that will be available on the Alix website for free.


In addition to giving a voice to the victims of the various forms of violence experienced by LGBTQ+ communities, Alix offers tools, courses of action and resources. Through Interligne, Alix offers 24/7 access to a help and information line. These services are useful not only for supporting victims, but also for adequately guiding those who work with them.


Alix aims to rectify the portrait of violence in Quebec by collecting data directly from people who experience this violence. With this information, relevant and up-to-date recommendations can now be put in place to provide more adequate support to individuals across the province.

“LGBTQ+ people don’t denounce the violence they experience because they are afraid of having to come out to the authorities and to be poorly received,” said Pascal Vaillancourt, Interligne executive director. “This reaction is fully justified since many services do not take into account the multiple realities of sexual diversity and gender plurality, perpetuating the micro-attacks that contribute to the exclusion of LGBTQ+ people”.

Interligne’s Acts of Homophobia Registry, created in 2012, as well as to the few studies on the subject, allow us to affirm that LGBTQ+ people are overrepresented in terms of victimization of violence, but lacking when it comes to declaring or seeking help from the services in place. These tend to be gendered and inadequately adapted to the diverse realities. In addition, a consultation conducted in 2017 by the Conseil québécois LGBT highlighted the fact that victims from these communities make little use of existing services. “Exposing sexual violence, minority sexual orientation, and sometimes gender identity can create tremendous stress and shame for the person. Too often, they will not just look for help…”

This tendency not to come forward, for fear of not being appropriately taken care of, leads to an underestimation of the violence experienced by LGBTQ+ people, thus contributing to the invisibilisation of the lived experiences of these communities. The aim of Alix is to draw a representative portrait of the violence experienced in Quebec in order to carry out concrete actions, whether initiated by governments or by the various victim assistance and support services.


About Interligne

Interligne is a first response centre that provides help and information to those concerned with sexual orientation and gender diversity. Because our services are accessible 24 hours/day, we are able to offer support to the LGBTQ+ communities, their friends and family and to service providers in the health, education and social service sectors. Through our outreach and awareness activities, we also promote greater openness to LGBTQ+ realities.
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