Administration and communications

Interligne is looking for people who want to volunteer in the organization’s administrative and communications tasks. The tasks related to administration and communications are very diverse and adapt to the skills of those who want to get involved. Whether you’ve studied accounting, you know photography or that web programming is your hobby, Interligne will know how to make your expertise shine. Here are some examples of skills that can be useful to the organization.

Administrative support

  • Data entry
  • Accounting
  • Mailings
  • Filing documents

Communications support

  • Graphic design*
  • Translation*
  • Correction of texts*
  • Photography*
  • Web programming*
  • WordPress Support*
  • Photoshop Support*
  • Content search*
  • Research on LGBTQ+ issues*

*These implications can be done remotely and do not require residing in Montreal.


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