I would like to make love to my boyfriend but I’m scared of hurting him. How do we reduce the pain?

Penetration, or sodomy, is a sexual practice often associated with sex between men. That said, it is part of a wide variety of other sexual practices (such as fellatio and masturbation) that can be explored and practiced, regardless of sexual orientation. It is at the discretion of each person and each couple to incorporate it into their sexuality or not.

Penetration can be painful. It is very important to listen to your partner in order to reduce possible pain, and it is best to practice it gradually, i.e. by introducing the erect penis, finger or sexual object gradually respecting the limits of each or every one. It is also important to use condoms combined with a lubricant that does not alter the latex, and to wash sex toys properly. The Sites of the medical clinic l’Actuel, HIV/AIDS Portal of the Québec, Head & Hands (for young people 25 and under) and Rézo Health (for men) are excellent resources in sexual health and can answer more questions about protection and sexuality. https://headandhands.ca/fr/programmes-services/info-reference/

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