At Interligne, kiosks are an indispensable tool to raise awareness on LGBTQ+ realities and to promote its services.

Interligne is currently looking for volunteers to co-host booths. The people responsible for the kiosks will be asked to travel to various events, including seminars, festivals, fairs, or information days held in schools or open days of all kinds. Their role will consist mainly of the animation of the kiosks, presentation of the organization, explanation of the various services offered by Interligne, and demystification of LGBTQ+ realities, depending on the event in which these people will participate.


  • Addressing the concerns of young people (and not-so-young)
  • Hold kiosks in different locations and at various events
  • Distribution of outreach materials
  • Representing Interligne
  • Give suggestions for developing awareness tools and materials
  • Help spread the word about our kiosk services across the province

People we are looking for

  • Strong interest in LGBTQ+ realities
  • Good knowledge of issues related to sexual diversity and gender plurality
  • Interest in youth settings
  • Ease of speaking front in public
  • Share the values of inclusion and respect of the organization

Please note that volunteers at the kiosks will be offered approximately one-day training related to animation, active listening and LGBTQ+ realities.

Do you have any talent in animation? Are you interested in LGBTQ+ realities and you would like to evolve in youth circles? Interligne is looking for people like you! Submit your application.


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