What is a Gender, Identity and Sexuality Alliance (GISA or GSA) and how can I start one at my school?

A Gender, Identity and Sexuality Alliance (GISA) or Gay-straight Alliance is a student committee that is also a safe space for LGBTQ+ people and their allies. Those committees aim to make gender and sexual diversity shine, and raise awareness in schools, universities and youth centers.

Since October 2018, Interligne has offered services to primary and secondary schools, to cegeps, and to youth centers of all kinds. This program offers you a starter kit which consists in free guides aimed to help schools and youth centers create safe and supportives spaces, where anyone is accepted, no matter what their sexual orientation or gender identity is. We also offer training and workshops to help you manage your committee (about leadership, communication, project management, hosting activities, etc)

If you have any request concerning our youth services, please contact our coordinator at  gisa@interligne.co or at 514 866-6788 ext 134.


Gender Identity and Sexuality Alliances (GISA)


To have a free access to our starter kit, just go to the GISA website at http://gisa.interligne.co/kit

The GISA website also offers you lots of tools for people that work with youth, as well as a directory for LGBTQ+ teens.

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