Acts of Homophobia Registry

Acts of Homophobia Registry

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What is the Acts of Homophobia Registry?

The Registry is a means of collecting information on all homophobic acts. It gathers data about homophobic acts without requiring victims or witnesses to identify themselves. Thus, the Registry is anonymous and confidential, and it will help measure the extent of problem, develop effective prevention tools and awareness programs, as well as inform victims of their rights and the resources available to them.


The Registry is a Interligne initiative, in collaboration with Fondation Émergence. The ministère de la Justice of Québec’s Bureau de lutte contre l’homophobie supports the project financially.

What is homophobia?

Any negative attitude leading to the direct or indirect rejection of or discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgenders, or any person whose appearance or behaviour does not conform to that of masculine and feminine stereotypes.

What is a homophobic act?

An act of homophobia is a negative manifestation by people defined as homophobic, no matter the form or level of severity: a gesture, a word, a note, a sign, a comment, a drawing, physical or verbal violence, etc.

Some acts of homophobia are crimes

Physical violence, harassment, profane or defamatory libels and hate propaganda based on sexual orientation are criminal offences.


These acts of homophobia must be reported in the Registry, but it is also important to report them to the police or the InfoCrime services:


Infocrime Montréal : 514 393-1133 ou

Infocrime Québec :  1 800 711-1800 ou

Where to file a complaint for homophobic discrimination?

People who wish to make an official complaint about an act of homophobia and have a follow-up on their case must contact the appropriate public authorities.



    • In the case of an act of homophobia that is considered to be discriminatory under federal authority, Canadian public service, or Canadian jurisdiction businesses:
      Canadian Human Rights Commission.




The Registry gathers data about homophobic acts without requiring victims or witnesses to identify themselves.

The form is sent via an address that does not identify the person who has sent it. An automatic receipt notification is generated by the computer system.


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