Interligne's night service is at
risk of closing.

Interligne (formerly Gai Écoute), a front-line organization helping people affected by sexual diversity and the plurality of genders, is in the midst of political steps to save its nighttime assistance and information service. Interligne had taken a series of steps with the Quebec government to promote the quality and the need for its helpline.
Unfortunately, the organization got no response. If the situation does not change, as of November 15, LGBTQ+ communities will find themselves without suitable resources at night, where psychological support and crisis intervention are sometimes necessary. While the government sleeps, Interligne saves lives. For more details on this campaign, please see our press release.

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September 13, 2022 marks the start of public actions by Interligne to demonstrate the needs of its communities and promote the relevance of its night service. Here are three ways to join the movement and support us in our demands:

Interligne in the media

This section will be updated as the campaign progresses. Stay tuned for Interligne’s media appearances!

In its Interdepartmental Mental Health Action Plan, the government affirms and reiterates its intention to improve access to services for the most vulnerable populations. His inaction in the face of the urgency of our situation demonstrates the contrary.

Pascal Vaillancourt, directeur général d’Interligne

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TW : rape, suicide, consumption

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