The Registry: LGBTQ+ spaces and resources

The Registry, brought to you by Interligne, brings together spaces and resources from across Canada that offer LGBTQ+ people a safe welcome and services adapted to their needs. Everyone is welcome to rate and comment on spaces they’ve visited or resources they’ve used. To show your support for our communities, join The Registry!


2 Spirits of BC

The 2 Spirits of BC website is provided by the Four Feathers Society.The society organizes events for the 2 Spirit people living in British Columbia that improve their wellness

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2-Spirited People of the 1stNations

By 2020, we see a strong, healthy and independent 2-Spirit community in Toronto where HIV infections are rare and 2-Spirit people live with pride in their indigenous heritage. We provide prevention education and support for 2-Spirit, including First Nations, metis and Inuit people living with or at risk for HIV and related co-infections in the Greater Toronto Area. We base our work on indigenous philosophies of wholistic health and wellness.

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À Contre-Courant (ACC)

À Contre-Courant (MACC) est un club aquatique s’adressant principalement à la communauté gaie et lesbienne de la région de Montréal. Ses statuts précisent qu’il s’engage à accepter toute personne, « quels que soient son orientation sexuelle, son sexe, son origine ethnique, ses croyances politiques ou religieuses, ses incapacités physiques ou son état sérologique ». Le refus de toute forme de discrimination est en effet l’un des principes fondateurs du club. Les activités d’ACC comprennent la natation, le water-polo et la nage synchronisée. Chaque discipline est placée sous la supervision d’entraîneurs qualifiés, et le club est affilié pour chacune d’elle à la fédération sportive qui en réglemente la pratique

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À deux mains

Head & Hands strives to promote the physical and mental well-being of youth. Our approach is preventative, inclusive, non-judgmental, and holistic, with a fundamental commitment to providing a supportive environment for youth experiencing marginalization(s). We seek to empower youth, and to facilitate social change based on the needs of youth within our community and society at large.

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A la Carte Bed & Breakfast

Located in a safe and quiet residential area, À la Carte B&B (CITQ #160145) offers comfortable accommodation and a warm atmosphere; attentive and considerate hosts; delicious typical French-Canadian breakfasts; convenient bus and subway connections.

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A Loving Spoonful

A Loving Spoonful is a volunteer-driven, non-partisan Society that provides free, nutritious meals to people living with HIV and co-existing illness in Metro Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

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A Pieds Levés - Aérobie

Danse aérobique chorégraphiée pour membres 2SLGBTQIA+ et leurs amis

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AA Comité des Activités Gaies dans Alcooliques Anonymes

Thirteen LGBTQ alcoholics chronicle their experience before and after joining Alcoholics Anonymous, and how — despite their trepidations about A.A. — they discover that the tie that binds us all together is freedom from alcohol. Includes stories by recovering alcoholics who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and transitioning, and queer. General Service Conference-approved.

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Acadie Love

Le Rendez-vous de la fierté Acadie Love veut célébrer la diversité par le biais d’activités culturelles comprenant un volet éducatif. Nous avons pour mission de promouvoir l’inclusion, la solidarité et la sensibilisation à la communauté 2ELGBTQIA+.

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Acces Alliance

Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services (Access Alliance) provides services and addresses system inequities to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable immigrants, refugees, and their communities. Access Alliance provides accessible, community-governed, inter-professional primary health care services, including health promotion, illness prevention and treatment, chronic disease management, and individual and community capacity building. Our goal is for all people who face barriers to good health to have access to high quality primary health care within an integrated system of care.

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