Commitment to LGBT communities

Interligne recruits volunteers to offer listening and web chat services during the day and in the evening.

Next listener training session

The 4-day training program is offered
on two weekends from 9 am to 4 pm.

Next training sessions will be held on February 6-7th and 20-21st.


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The volunteers' role

Active listening

Empathic listening or active listening aims to allow the caller to evolve in his or her own understanding of a situation. This form of listening is the foundation of the support services offered by Interligne. The callers receive special attention and are accepted in what they are experiencing and how they are experiencing it in the present moment. The callers should feel comfortable to speak and share a segment of their life. This exchange will be a privileged means to better self-understanding.

Listening with empathy is an active process and just to hear what the person says is not enough. While having the ability to disengage emotionally, the listener will also be able to understand and feel the situation that the caller wants to share and how it is being experienced. The listeners are always present, warm, centered on the person calling; ready to accept the caller without reference to their own way of seeing things. The use of appropriate listening techniques facilitates communication and focuses the conversation around the caller’s concerns. To this end the listener is attentive not only to the facts, but also to the feelings and the emotions involved.

Finally, regardless of the situation or the problem raised by the caller, the listener refrains from any direct advice or value judgment. The listener’s conduct is governed by a code of ethics and professional conduct.

Text messaging and private web chat

The text messaging and private web chat at Interligne are a means whereby people who do not like phone calls or do not feel comfortable on the phone can exchange with an Interligne listener.

Training program

Twice a year, Interligne offers a training program specifically designed for volunteers. Adapted to LGBTQ+ realities and developed by professionals in counselling, Interligne’s training is inspired by the teaching methods used by other listening centres. These methods form an appropriate balance between simulations and the teaching of techniques and theories. At the end of the training, a support period completes the evaluation of aspiring volunteers. Skills and knowledge updates are provided by a continuing education program.

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Selection process

Applicants who send the application form along with their resumes and meet the eligibility requirements are invited to a selection interview. Those selected after the interview are then invited to attend the training and support program. It is only at the end of this process that they will be eligible to become listeners for Interligne.

Listening skills

We seek people who have skills for helping relationship in a framework of a phone helpline. The training program, followed by the support period with an experienced listener allows them to leverage their potential and abilities.


  • Subscribe to Interligne’s organizational values.
  • Fully assume one’s sexual orientation or gender identity for at least five years.
  • Be at least 25 years of age.
  • Have a level of education equivalent to 13 years of schooling or more.
  • Be fluent in French and English, both oral and written.
  • Commit to the Interligne’s code of ethics.
  • Be able to access our Listening Centre located in Montreal.
  • Provide at least three day or evening shifts a month of volunteer work, including the first Friday evening of every month.
  • Participate in the full training and support program and obtain the clearance certificate.
  • Commit to providing services for at least 18 months

Submit your candidacy 

For information

514 866-6788 info@interligne.co


You want to get involved in a different way? From even coordination to administrative tasks, to work committees, there are various ways to contribute to the actins of our organization. Tell us about your passion, your strengths and send your resume to info@interligne.co.


Volunteering at the administration
We are always looking for people who can support us by doing data entry, sending postal mail and filing documents. Every gesture counts and is a precious help to us.

Financing Committee
The Financing Committee works with the executive director and the director of philanthropic development to develop funding to support and expand our services. We are looking for innovative volunteers who are committed to the LGBTQ+ cause and human rights. We also seek professionals and business people who are willing to solicit their network. For more information, contact Marie-Claude Gendron at marie-claude.gendron@interligne.co or at 514 866-6788 ext. 124.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee provides support to the director of communication with the aim of promoting our services and events. We are looking for volunteers with education or experience in one of the following fields: social media plans, web and social media writing, translation, research on LGBTQ + issues, etc. For more information, contact Maryse Bézaire at maryse.bezaire@interligne.co or at 514 866-6788 ext. 129.

Kiosk Committee
Do you have a talent for facilitating activities or hosting information kiosks? Are you concerned with LGBTQ+ realities and would you like to evolve within the youth sector? Interligne is looking for people like you to form its new kiosk committee! At Interligne, kiosks are an essential tool to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ realities and spread the word about our services. The committee’s mission? To create a dynamic approach to the hosting of kiosks by developing interactive awareness tools and materials. It will also spread the word about our kiosk service across the province. Find out more about the skills and experience required >>

English Services Committee
The English Services Committee provides support to the organization to ensure completely bilingual service and to better reach out to the non-francophone populations of Quebec and Canada. The committee makes recommendations regarding the organization’s internal practices and offers support with respect to recruitment, training and networking. Members also collaborate with the Communications and Financing Committees respectively. We wish to welcome volunteers who value bilingual diversity and who have experience in English second language education, translation, comparative editing or in fields which explore linguistic concerns within Quebec and Canada. To find out more, contact Anthony Francis Lombardi at anthonyfrancis.lombardi@interligne.co or at 514 979-2708.

In addition to volunteer listening, administration and committees, you can support us by participating in the creation of testimonials that we will disseminate in our communication tools.