Are people born gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Several researchers wanted to find an explanation for homosexuality. Thus, over several centuries, an impressive number of studies have been conducted to determine whether homosexuality is innate or acquired. Multiple theories have been put forward, but there is still no consensus. In other words, none of these theories have been able to explain why some people are homosexual and others are not.

However, we must consider the relevance of such an issue. In fact, why focus so much on the question of the origins of homosexuality? After all, heterosexual people don’t wonder why they’re heterosexual. Many researchers believe that the question is inherently a problem because, too often, it hides in the background the belief that homosexuality is abnormal. Yet the diversity of sexual orientations is normal, and its expression can take many forms. Finally, regardless of the theories, it can be said that there is a consensus that one does not choose one’s sexual orientation and that there are no methods to change it.

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