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Getting involved in a community organization like Interligne is making a real difference for LGBTQ+ communities. Whether it’s donating time or donating money, there’s always someone in need who ultimately benefits from it! Our volunteer opportunities are numerous and the organization is flexible. Find out how you can take part in Interligne’s mission today!

Get involved

Getting involved in a community organization like Interligne is making a real difference for LGBTQ+ communities. Whether it’s donating time or donating money, there’s always someone in need who ultimately benefits from it! Our volunteer opportunities are numerous and the organization is flexible. Find out how you can take part in Interligne’s mission today!

Why donate to

Interligne is a non-profit organization that helps people from LGBTQ+ communities. In addition to providing 24-hour listening every day of the year, Interligne works to raise awareness on a large scale about the issues affecting these populations who are among the most marginalized in society. To accomplish its mission, the organization relies heavily on the generosity of people. Donating to Interligne is helping an entire community to stand up.

Becoming a volunteer

The volunteer opportunities at Interligne are multiple and tailored to the skills you want to put forward. If you have a knack  for intervention, you can volunteer at the listening line. If you prefer to lend a hand to administrative tasks, participate in our events or join one of our various committees, all possibilities are open! Discover all our opportunities right here.

The role of volunteers

Empathetic listening or active listening allows the caller to evolve in their own understanding of themself. This form of listening represents the basis of the assistance services offered by Interligne. The caller receives special attention and is welcomed into what they experience, as it is experienced by them in the moment. They must feel comfortable expressing themself and sharing a moment in their life. This exchange will be a privileged way for them to better understand themself.

Listening with empathy is an active process. Hearing what the person is saying is not enough. While having the ability to emotionally free themself, the person offering the listeneing will be able to understand and feel the situation that the callers want to share and how they experience it. The person listening is always present, warm, focused on the caller, ready to welcome them without referring to their own way of seeing things. The use of appropriate techniques facilitates expression and always brings the conversation back to the concerns of the callers. The listener is therefore attentive to the facts, but also to feelings and emotions. Finally, they refrain from any advice or value judgment regardless of the situation or the problem raised by the people who use our services. This approach is framed by a code of ethics and Code of professional conduct.

Texting and chatting in private

Our services are also offered by text and private chat. These platforms allow people who don’t like phone conversations or who aren’t comfortable on the phone to interact with Interligne’s response team in other ways.

Training program

Twice a year, Interligne offers a training program designed for volunteers. Adapted to LGBTQ+ realities and developed by specialists in counseling, Interligne’s training program is inspired by the pedagogical methods used by other listening centers. These methods strike the right balance between real-life situations and technical and theoretical explanations.

At the end of the training, an accompanying period completes the evaluation of the volunteers in training. An ongoing training program also provides an update on the skills and knowledge of volunteers.


Selection process

Anyone wishing to volunteer for listening at Interligne must first complete the application form and submit their resume. Our team will then invite those who meet the eligibility requirements for a selection interview. Those selected after the interview will then be required to attend the training and coaching program. It is only at the end of this process that they can become volunteers at the listening line.

Skills for counseling

Ideally, the wanted individuals who already have skills for counseling in a crisis line setting. However, the training program and the accompanying period allow them to use their potential and skills.

Eligibility criteria

  • Subscribe to the organization’s values.
  • Acceptance of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a level of education equivalent to 13 years or more.
  • Mastering French and English, both oral and written (an asset).
  • Commit to Interligne’s code of ethics.
  • To be able to travel to our listening centre in Montreal.
  • Provide at least three-quarters (day or evening) volunteer work per month, including the first Friday night of each month.
  • Follow the entire training and coaching program and obtain the certificate of certification at the end of the program.
  • Commit to offering services for a period of at least 18 months


Manifest your interest in volunteering

The Interligne team now offers a legal clinic service offered to members of the LGBTQ+ community. To do this, we are looking for people studying law or working in the field of law with an interest in volunteering in a community organization, in order to respond to the calls and emails that the clinic will receive.

Volunteering at the legal clinic can be done in two ways: through attendance at the call-in legal clinics in Montreal, or as part of the expert network.

Attendance during call-in legal clinics

To get involved in this way, please note that, as the clinics are held on Interligne’s premises, the person must reside in Montreal, or have the opportunity to go there.

  • Respond to calls to identify the legal issue raised and respond, if possible, by providing appropriate legal information;
  • Refer to appropriate services depending on the area of law;
  • Keep a call log;
  • Pass on more complex issues or one’s requiring legal advice to a member of the expert network;
  • Perform any other task related to researching and developing informative content.

The profile we are looking for

  • Is studying or training in law;
  • Has a good ability to simplify and transmit information;
  • Possesses or wants to develop knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ+ realities and their variability from one context to another;
  • Is living or is able to come to Montreal

Be part of the expert network
The network of expert references is made up of professionals such as Bar lawyers or registered notaries, who actively practice law.

Members of the expert network offer themselves as a reference source for volunteer respondents and will answer further questions and provide legal advice.

The services of members of the expert network will be used on a sporadic basis and are not required to reside in or around Montreal.


  • Receive calls requiring legal advice, transmitted by members of the Interligne’s Legal Clinic;
  • Fill out a follow-up note where certain information will need to be given to Interligne;
  • Fill out the call log.

The profile we are looking for

  • Be a member of the Bar;
  • Has an active law practice;
  • Has a good ability to simplify and transmit information;
  • Possesses or wants to develop knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ+ realities and their variability from one context to another.


To be part of the expert network, you will need to record the number of hours per month you want to invest in the service and calls will be referred according to the areas of law and the hours available.


Show your interest in volunteering

At Interligne, kiosks are an indispensable tool to raise awareness on LGBTQ+ realities and to promote its services.

Interligne is currently looking for volunteers to co-host booths. The people responsible for the kiosks will be asked to travel to various events, including seminars, festivals, fairs, or information days held in schools or open days of all kinds. Their role will consist mainly of the animation of the kiosks, presentation of the organization, explanation of the various services offered by Interligne, and demystification of LGBTQ+ realities, depending on the event in which these people will participate.


  • Addressing the concerns of young people (and not-so-young)
  • Hold kiosks in different locations and at various events
  • Distribution of outreach materials
  • Representing Interligne
  • Give suggestions for developing awareness tools and materials
  • Help spread the word about our kiosk services across the province

People we are looking for

  • Strong interest in LGBTQ+ realities
  • Good knowledge of issues related to sexual diversity and gender plurality
  • Interest in youth settings
  • Ease of speaking front in public
  • Share the values of inclusion and respect of the organization

Please note that volunteers at the kiosks will be offered approximately one-day training related to animation, active listening and LGBTQ+ realities.

Do you have any talent in animation? Are you interested in LGBTQ+ realities and you would like to evolve in youth circles? Interligne is looking for people like you! Submit your application.


Show your interest in volunteering

Interligne is looking for people who want to volunteer in the organization’s administrative and communications tasks. The tasks related to administration and communications are very diverse and adapt to the skills of those who want to get involved. Whether you’ve studied accounting, you know photography or that web programming is your hobby, Interligne will know how to make your expertise shine. Here are some examples of skills that can be useful to the organization.

Administrative support

  • Data entry
  • Accounting
  • Mailings
  • Filing documents

Communications support

  • Graphic design*
  • Translation*
  • Correction of texts*
  • Photography*
  • Web programming*
  • WordPress Support*
  • Photoshop Support*
  • Content search*
  • Research on LGBTQ+ issues*

*These implications can be done remotely and do not require residing in Montreal.


Show your interest in volunteering

Whether it is by taking part in the Pride parade in August or by holding its annual fundraiser called The Big Thrill in October, Interligne organizes and takes part in several events throughout the year. To ensure the smooth running of these organizations, Interligne is looking for people who want to get involved sporadically in these events. Whether it’s to help us welcome people to the events, help with logistics or to immortalize these moments through photography, do not hesitate to communicate your interest to us!
Some of the tasks that event volunteers could take part in include:

  • Photography
  • Service
  • Sound and lights
  • Help with food preparation
  • Reception, coat check, food service
  • Decorating and room arrangement
  • Security
  • Preparing postal envelopes
  • Any other need depending on the event

Just register on the list to receive volunteer opportunities for specific events.


Show your interest in volunteering

To express your interest in joining any of the committees, please contact us at: [email protected].

Committees are teams of volunteers gathered around a joint project, normally for a one-year period. Those who are part of it are called upon to put their expertise forward to contribute to the organization and implementation of the various projects. The tasks are very diverse and vary depending on the mandate of the committee.
Here is a brief description of the various committees.

Funding Committee

The Funding Committee works with the General Manager and Director of Philanthropic Development to develop funding to support and expand our services. We are looking for innovative volunteers who care about LGBTQ+ and human rights. We also want business people with a good network of contacts or in desire to make solicitations.

Event organization The Big Thrill

Every year, in October, Interligne organizes a fundraising event called The Big Thrill. To keep the organization running smoothly, Interligne is looking for people who want to get involved in this project for the long run. The Big Thrill committee works in collaboration with the Director of Philanthropic Development to plan, organize and ensure the smooth development of the evening.

Among other things, committee members will be asked to:

  • Identify and solicit partners for the event;
  • Contribute to the event’s outreach (communications, sponsorships, logistics);
  • Participate in monthly meetings;
  • Participate in the event.

English-language service

The English Language Services Committee provides support to the organization to provide bilingual service and better reach non-French-speaking communities. The committee makes recommendations on the organization’s internal practices and provides support for recruitment, training and networking. We would like to welcome volunteers with linguistic diversity at heart and with training or experience in teaching English as a second language, translation, comparative revision or language issues.

Communication committee

The communications committee works with the director of philanthropic development and communications as well as with the communications coordinator in matters relating to the messages disseminated by the organization. The volunteers of this committee lend a hand in the realization of graphic design, Web writing, social media content management or revision projects. Social media enthusiasts, seasoned feathers, polyglots with creative brains and Photoshop pros are welcome!

Show your interest in volunteering