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Committees are teams of volunteers gathered around a joint project, normally for a one-year period. Those who are part of it are called upon to put their expertise forward to contribute to the organization and implementation of the various projects. The tasks are very diverse and vary depending on the mandate of the committee.
Here is a brief description of the various committees.

Funding Committee

The Funding Committee works with the General Manager and Director of Philanthropic Development to develop funding to support and expand our services. We are looking for innovative volunteers who care about LGBTQ+ and human rights. We also want business people with a good network of contacts or in desire to make solicitations.

Event organization The Big Thrill

Every year, in October, Interligne organizes a fundraising event called The Big Thrill. To keep the organization running smoothly, Interligne is looking for people who want to get involved in this project for the long run. The Big Thrill committee works in collaboration with the Director of Philanthropic Development to plan, organize and ensure the smooth development of the evening.

Among other things, committee members will be asked to:

  • Identify and solicit partners for the event;
  • Contribute to the event’s outreach (communications, sponsorships, logistics);
  • Participate in monthly meetings;
  • Participate in the event.

English-language service

The English Language Services Committee provides support to the organization to provide bilingual service and better reach non-French-speaking communities. The committee makes recommendations on the organization’s internal practices and provides support for recruitment, training and networking. We would like to welcome volunteers with linguistic diversity at heart and with training or experience in teaching English as a second language, translation, comparative revision or language issues.

Communication committee

The communications committee works with the director of philanthropic development and communications as well as with the communications coordinator in matters relating to the messages disseminated by the organization. The volunteers of this committee lend a hand in the realization of graphic design, Web writing, social media content management or revision projects. Social media enthusiasts, seasoned feathers, polyglots with creative brains and Photoshop pros are welcome!

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