What is an LGBT/hetero alliance or GISA and how can I create one in my school?

A gender, Identity and Sexuality Alliance, or GISA, is a student comity that aims to make sexual and gender diversity shine and to create a safe space for every LGBTQ+ person in their own school and environment.

In October 2018, Interligne launched the GISA program that is now accessible for free for elementary schools, high schools, cegeps, and other youth environments. This program provides a starter kit for schools and youth environments to help them create their own safe space where everyone can be accepted, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity! We also offer workshops to help you manage your comity (project management, leadership, facilitation techniques, teamwork, communication, etc.)

According to a study conducted by EGALE Canada, the presence of a GISA in a school has beneficial effects on LGBTQ+ youth. There would be more people coming out in school where there were an alliance, and these people would feel more supported by the administration, the teachers, and other students.

For any request concerning Interlligne’s youth services, please contact the person responsible for the program at agis@interligne.co or at 514 866-6788 #134

Gender, Identity, and Sexuality Alliance (GISA)

To access the tools of this program for free, go to the GISA website at this address: https://agis.interligne.co/en/kit/

The program’s website also contains many tools for people working in schools or a youth environment and a directory for LGBTQ+ youth resources.

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